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Particleboard flooring is ideal for sub floor surfaces and suits all types of floor coverings including vinyl, ceramic tiles, slate, parquet, carpet, and softwood or hardwood. The tongue and groove panels have edges fitted with colour coded PVC tongues therefore ensuring an easy and tight fit for adjoining panels. We can supply various types and thicknesses such as the standard yellow tongue as well as blue, green, brown, orange, red and burgundy tongue.

Particleboard sub floor surfaces are resin enriched and ends are wax sealed so that it can weather the elements for up to three months without deterioration. It is also available with treatments against fungus and termites. Using fungicide treated sheets will ensure protection from rising dampness and termiticide treated sheets are ideal for protection against termites and other pests.

    Particleboard flooring specs as follows:-

  • 19mm x 3600mm x 900 mm (Orange and Yellow Tongue)
  • 19mm x 3600mm x 800mm (Green Tongue)
  • 22mm x 3600mm x 900mm (Burgundy and Red Tongue)
  • 25mm x 3600mm x 600mm (Blue and Brown Tongue)

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