Floor Trusses

Epping Timber Joinery and Hardware Co. Pty Ltd uses Pryda software to design and manufacture floor truss systems that provide a complete structural sub-floor system suitable for any overlay or finished use such timber floors, carpet or tiles.

Prefabricated floor trusses have proven to be more sturdy over many years and provide excellent, reliable performance with minimal bounce or vibration.

Two types of web systems exist for floor trusses being timber webs and metal webs. The first type, being Pryda Longreach Floor trusses, provides maximum stiffness while the second type, being Pryda Span Floor trusses provides a lightweight and cheaper option. Both types comprise timber chords.

Prefabricated floor trusses are easy to install due to the end support connections being prefabricated to fit, with no cutting or notching required therefore reducing errors, time and cost.

  • Reduces vibration
  • Flexibility on design and can be tailored to individual needs
  • Wide range of depth and end supports
  • Cost effective
  • Stability
  • Ease of access for ducting, wiring, or cabling purposes.

Click here to download a copy of the Pryda brochure for more information.